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Every Blancpain is a masterpiece

Worn by personalities who love the extraordinary, appreciate the lasting, respect the sustainable, admire the exceptional and proudly wear an authentic, value-preserving work of art on their wrist. These are the values that permeate everything we do


In the small village of Villeret in the Swiss Jura mountains, schoolmaster, farmer and watchmaker Jehan-Jacques Blancpain devoted himself to the idea of Nature and time in winter, when work in the fields was impossible.

This is how the story of Blancpain, the world's oldest watch brand, began in 1735. To this day, our whole vision is focused within a circle from which everything comes into being. Countless complications invented over the years testify to the skills of our Manufacture which continues to redefine the limits of the art of watchmaking.

As an expression of a long-term vision, this dedication to the renewal of mechanical watchmaking manifests itself through the authentic inheritance and transmission of invaluable expertise from one generation to the next.

Driven by this commitment and deeply felt responsibility, the Manufacture Blancpain looks firmly to the future and has been committed for years to the preservation of the planet and its inhabitants. Without these values, there is no past and no future. They permeate everything we do.

This completes the circle that has no beginning nor end and is also regarded as the true symbol of Nature because it represents returning cycles.

Aren't the little things those that lead to great accomplishments, contributing to unique moments that live on in our hearts forever?

A Blancpain is for Eternity.

We say, a Blancpain is for Eternity. It harbours everlastingness, precious moments, the fire of passion, air that energises us, water that is the primal principle of all beings and the earth that keeps us grounded in our traditions, in our roots and amazes us time and again …

The connection between Blancpain’s Identity and the Four Elements

For centuries, the four elements shaped teaching with regards to the conception of Nature. They were believed to exist eternally and to be unchanging in themselves. Combined in different ways, they can represent the entire living world.

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