Water, Air, Earth and Fire correspond to and are expressed through the four core Blancpain collections.

The Villeret collection is expressed through Earth – The value of authenticity

The Villeret collection features an endless array of watchmaking's most fascinating complications. It bears authentic testimony to the talent of our watchmakers and pays tribute to Blancpain's roots and Villeret, the village where our company was established and where it operated across countless generations. The watches are understated essentials imbued with timeless elegance. The value of authenticity is demonstrated by our teams’ engagement and dedication to inventing, developing and producing every single movement that constitutes the soul of each Blancpain watch.

A Villeret is for eternity.

Featuring an endless array of watchmaking’s most fascinating complications, the Villeret bears authentic testimony to the talent of our watchmakers. Essentials imbued with timeless elegance.

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